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Episode #99 – Merry Christmas to All (Sports)

EPISODE 99The guys discuss Odell Beckham Jr.’s Sunday antics, they take wild guesses at each other’s biggest sports pet peeves, if NFL officiating is in shambles, and give their year end “Top Ten” lists.

Episode #98 – Is The NFL Dying?

EPISODE #98The guys discuss the amount of injuries in the NFL and whether it could kill the sport, the Warriors’ undefeated streak coming up to an end, how to save the 76ers in five minutes, and Heisman Trophy bias.

Creed – A Movie Review with Frank Mengarelli

creed_poster_by_sahinduezguen-d99fk7gDoug and Mikey are joined by movie review podcaster, Frank Mengarelli, from “Podcasting Them Softly” to do a thorough analyzation of the movie, Creed.  Also a precise ranking of all Rocky movies in order from best to worst. Spoilers all over the place.

Episode #97 – The Final Four Is Upon Us

EPISODE 97The guys discuss College Football’s final playoff selections, Clemson’s pizza party, whether or not alcoholism is a disease, LeBron’s lifetime Nike contract and what you’d wear for a million dollars.

Lorne Rubenstein Interview

NY177-821_2015_173112_hd-878x494Lorne Rubenstein comes on to discuss his interview with Tiger Woods for Time Magazine. Also, Doug and Mikey discuss Tiger’s future and whether or not he has any good golf left.

Episode #96 – The Thanksgiving Day Hangover

EPISODE 96Guest: Emily Kaplan of the Monday Morning QB comes on to talk about the dangers facing high school football. On the Show: The guys talk about the Denver Bronco’s Brock Osweiler being the greatest QB ever, LSU’s Les Miles vs Georgia’s Mark Richt, Jahlil Okafor fighting everyone, and which athlete’s would be the best at Black Friday shopping.

Episode #95 – The Greatest Greatness of the Greats

EPISODE #95Guest: Kevin Trahan from Vice Sports. On the Show: We talk about Ohio State’s failure, the Warrior’s success, Peyton Manning’s benching, and Les Miles possibly getting fired.

Episode #94 – Scandals, Conspiracies, Terrorism, and More…

EPISODE 94Guest: Jeff Greer of the Courier-Journal gives us an update on the Louisville scandal. On the Show: We talk the about the events in Paris, Ronda Rousey getting knocked out, a conspiracy in the College Football Playoff Committee, and which athletes would be the most revered if their careers were cut short.

Episode #93 – The Show Me State

EPISODE 93On the Show: Mark Selig, assistant sports editor of the Columbia Missourian comes on to talk about the University of Missouri and Tim Wolfe resigning. Also, we talk about Greg Hardy’s case photos, and is a hotdog a sandwich?

Episode #92 – We Could Be Royals

EPISODE 92On the Show: The guys discuss the World Champion Kansas City Royals, the first BCS Rankings, a week of NBA games, and play “NFL Jailbreak”.

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