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Episode #105 – The Presser, Nothing Lesser

EPISODE #105The guys breakdown Superbowl 50 including Cam Newton’s post-game press conference, a Budweiser-swilling Peyton Manning, and why the Broncos were able to win. Plus, Derek Fisher gets canned and Alabama gets manned.

Deep Dive #2 – “The Immortals”

DEEP DIVE #2What would happen in sports if players had 1000 year primes? Chief Science Research Officer of the SENS Research Institution, Aubrey de Grey, comes on to talk about his rejuvenation research and how it could help us live forever. Then, the guys wildly speculate about what that would do to the world of sports.

Episode #104 – We Could Be Heroes

EPISODE #104The guys talk about the media’s infatuation with Cam’s blackness, the strangest SuperBowl prop bets, the enduring pain of The Revenant, and what’s wrong with Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Friend Zone #1 – Logan Swaim

FRIEND ZONE #1In the first ever episode of “The Friend Zone” series, our in-studio apartment guest, Logan Swaim, producer of the show “Game Changers” is on the show to discuss Blake Griffin punching the face of assistant equipment managers, the Warriors and their awesomeness, and Russell Wilson’s Googling ability.

Episode #103 – Chicken Parm You Taste So Good

EPISODE #103The guys talk about Peyton Manning’s return as the sheriff of Mile High, what the loss means for Brady and the Patriots, Carolina smashing the Cardinals, and the Cavaliers firing David Blatt.

Deep Dive #1 – “Are Millennials Self-Absorbed or Is Phoenix Suns’ Owner Robert Sarver Just a Hypocrite?”

DEEP DIVE #1In light of Robert Sarver’s derogatory comments about millennials, we do our first “Deep Dive” episode to find an answer. We talk to Dr. Stacey Campbell about whether or not the stereotypes about millennials are true (self-absorbed, narcissistic, lazy) and then discuss the history of Robert Sarver’s selfish and shady behavior.

Check out this episode!

Episode # 102 – Billionaire Boys Club

EPISODE 102The guys discuss NFL playoff madness in Arizona, Peyton Manning’s crippled man hands, the Rams moving to Los Angeles, and the ascension of the San Antonio Spurs.

Dale Hansen Interview

1222_tgfk01While Doug is away, Mikey talks to Doug’s favorite person ever, Dale Hansen.  Dale famously broke the scandal at SMU in the late 80’s and currently is the weeknight sports anchor at the ABC affiliate WFAA in Dallas.  He also hosts Dale Hansen’s Sports Special Sunday nights at 10:35pm.  Mikey talks to Dale about SMU, why Johnny Manziel to Dallas won’t surprise him, why Dale has no more respect for Jerry Jones and what it would take for Jones to earn it back, and the culture of sports being at the forefront of everything, even politics.

Episode #101 – Five Freakin’ Football Games

EPISODE #101The guys discuss the National Championship game and whether or not Nick Saban is now the greatest college coach of all-time, the Cincinnati Bengals epic meltdown and whether or not Marvin Lewis should be fired, and if the Seattle Seahawks are the luckiest team in football.

Episode #100 – 0-100 Real Quick (A Drunken Celebration Podcast)

EPISODE #100Mikey and Doug get a little tipsy to celebrate their 100th episode and talk about the College Football Playoff disaster(?), Peyton Manning using HGH(?), and the Phoenix Suns’ owner calling out millennials. Plus, Doug and Mikey’s favorite listener and fellow podcaster Ramona Rice comes on to talk about her show The Sports Gal Pal.

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