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Deep Dive #7 – Why African Americans Dominate American Sports

It is a question nobody wants to touch, why is it, really, that African Americans make up about 75 percent of the NBA and about 70 percent of the NFL? We ask experts Jon Entine, Dr. Charles K. Ross, and Dr. Joseph L. Graves Jr. why they believe this is the case.

Deep Dive #6 – How Would Social Media Have Changed The Way We Look At Sports?

In this episode we try to figure out how social media effects our minds when discussing sports news today. Then, we apply that knowledge to sports stories of the past. Special guests: Dr. Marco T. Bastos, Postdoc researcher at the University of California at Davis; Dr. Cliff Lampe, associate professor in the School of Information at Michigan University

Deep Dive #4 – Celebrity Worship

Why do people take it so personally when their favorite athlete fails to meet their expectations off the field?  Dr. Lynn E. McCutcheon, the editor in chief of the North American Journal of Phycology, talks about and answers questions on all aspects of celebrity / athlete worship, and Doug finds out if he is in fact a celebrity worshiper by taking the Celebrity Worship Survey.

Episode #110 – It’s Not Goodbye

The guys discuss their new show they will be doing going forward, the value (or lack thereof) of doing a bracket these days and parody in the NCAA tournament. They also discuss the Northern Iowa collapse, the greatness that is Spurs vs Warriors, and why Dwight Howard is a dumb doofus.

Episode #109 – Selection Sunday on a Monday

The guys breakdown the NCAA tournament, discuss the bracket leak, and whether we care about teams on the bubble. We also discuss which mascots would win the tourney in battle, and how cynical the NFL has become.

Episode #108 – Black-Tie, Red Carpet Edition

The guys talk about the utter brilliance of Steph Curry and the historical greatness of a Warriors team that is probably the best ever. They also recap the Oscars and Chris Rock’s hosting performance.

Episode #107 – The Most Bro-Centric Episode We’ve Ever Done

EPISODE 107The guys discuss Gronk Cruise 2016, the idea of Deflategate going to the Supreme Court, the NBA trade deadline, and the Kurt Rambis’ twitter fail.

Deep Dive #3 – How to Make the NBA the Most Popular Sport in America

DEEP DIVE #3The guys breakdown all the reasons why shortening the NBA season would skyrocket the NBA’s popularity, make the product dramatically better, and make them more money in the process. Sports economist Dr. David Berri and data journalist Jim Pagels from Forbes join the show to help us find the answers.

Episode #106 – The Rupert and Cooper Podcast

EPISODE #106The guys change roles on today’s show to discuss out-of-the-box ways to fix the NBA All-Star Game and the potential Melo trade brewing in New York. They also play a new game called “Loaners” and share a special Valentine’s Day moment.

Friend Zone #2 – Karen Guzelian

FRIEND ZONE #2Doug and Mikey’s good friend Karen Guzelian comes to the studio apartment to talk about the Super Bowl halftime controversy, and the most entertaining Super Bowl halftime shows that never were.

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