The Cooper and Rupert Podcast is a weekly sports conversation hosted by two guys named Doug Cooper and Mikey Rupert (it would be a weird title otherwise).



DOUG COOPER originally hails from Dallas, Texas where he was brainwashed by his Dad at an early age to be a Cowboys fan – a love/hate relationship that he still struggles with to this day. Living in Texas through the entirety of his younger years, the realization that he had no discernible skills made moving to Los Angeles, California to become a writer seem like a good idea. He kind of pulled it off, and now, because of the solitary lifestyle his job entails, he wastes away hundreds of hours each year watching sports.



MIKEY RUPERT is from the bustling metropolis known as Minneapolis, Kansas (a town with the population of a crowded movie theater). Growing up, Mikey became consumed by all teams Kansas-related; an obsession that would lead him to love the Chiefs, attend Kansas State, and become an adult man who still wears a Royals Starter jacket. Despite his love for sports in the Sunflower State, he moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in radio and uses his broadcasting expertise to make The Cooper and Rupert Podcast slightly less bootleg.